Duration 3 hrs tour
Distance 1h 2 min ( 40,9 km ) via De Villiers Graaff Motorway / M1
Availability Every day. 09h00-15:00
Pick-up Time 08:00 am
Tour Basis From 10 – 65 years , No Concern for Major Injuries
Meals Included Yes - Lunch
Drinks on road Yes - soft drinks

Number of People
R 1 207
2 R 1 955
3 R2 702
4 R 3 450
5 R 4 197
6 R 4 945
R 6 152
8 R 6 900
9 R 7 647
10 R 8 395
11 R 9 142
12 R 9 890 






Our drivers will have the name & number of the travellers,

The drivers are to make sure that by the said time all pax are seated in the vehicle.

Soft drink will be served in the vehicle, our tour guide will then begin with guides, please feel free to ask any question.



Please note that entrance fee is included on the tours.



They can be a need to jump off the vehicle while we are registering for walk or drive tours, where we park is closer to the toilet and we will give 5 minutes for every traveller to visit the toilets. 

It is important to contain our togetherness and not be out of the group because we need all of us to be in control so as to keep time to all the places we deemed to visit , Please note that the rules & regulation are to be adhered to at all the time . if need be there will be protective clothes provided before embarking on the journey .








A short tour of Soweto that will take you to some of the most interesting historical sites around Soweto. Visit the formal migrant worker hostel and be introduced to conditions of male mine workers and meet the families that live here today. Get the opportunity to have a taste of Soweto by tasting the home-brewed beer at the local shebeen as well as some local treats at the street market. Cycle through the vibrant community of Meadowlands, and continue to the Hector Pieterson Memorial, the historical landmark of the 1976 student’s uprising, proceed to the famous Vilakazi street where Nelson Mandela used to live. Cycle back to Lebo’s where we invite you to chill and relax with a drink or two.

This tour includes lunch which is either served after the tour (10am slot) or before the tour (1:00 pm slot). Lunch is served at our “outdoor restaurant” with seating in the community park. The meal is a delicious African stew cooked the traditional way – over the fire – served in a fresh piece of bread, called a “bunny chow”.

Emailinfo@matodzitours.co.za | ronnie@matodzitours.co.za | Phone: +27 11 023 2289 | Mobile: +27 72 268 4944